"He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west." -Psalm 103:12
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"A Stroke of Fate. A Blessing from God"

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What is the name, Nutspittle?

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Prank calls from 1991
Dead Silence in 1986
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Paraklasis recorded in 1998
Homemade "Bryan Lee" movies
from 1986
An example of "Remo"
on Sports Rap

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Listen to the work by Rob Simmons' written cantata, "In Him".

Listen to Don and Pam Gaudreau's "Makeover Me".

Listen to SPORTS RAP!!

A Quick History

During a time in college I called the univerity's radio station to a show called "Sports Rap". I did several different voices as several different people when I called in! I also wrote all of the letters, which come across as different writers, to Sports Rap.

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